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St. Bernard Cemetery (St. Thomas Cemetery)
3701 Albion Road (at D'Aoust), Gloucester, ON.
Mailing Address:
1720 St. Bernard Street, Ottawa, ON K1T 1K8
File Number: 2902, License Number: 3291393
For additional details, contact Administrators: Jackie & Dave Gorman 613-738-1943 
  Email the.gormans@
There will be an annual mass at the cemetery in June. All are welcome!
The Ministry has approved our price increase for Interment rights and Interment services.
  The NEW Cemetery Charges These Charges effective from June 01, 2018

1 Sale of Rights  
  Section Size Interment Rights Care and
Total Price
  All Lots - 1 Casket & 4 Urns 3 1/2 x 9' $1140 $760 $1900
2 Cemetery Services        
a. Interment        
  Casket       $800
  Cremated Remains       $350
  Note: Overtime will be charged for after hour services        
     Casket       $1400
     Cremated Remains       $500
b. Disinterment        
  Casket       $1700
  Urn       $350
  Sanitary Clothing       $160
c. Other Charges        
  Resale Admin Fee       10% of resale cost
  Transfer Fee       $150
  Fees to stake a foundation       $50
  Conversion of rights in a plot from Caskets to Urns       $350
  Duplicate Certificate of Rights       $25
  Reissue by-laws       $25
  Returned Checks (NSF)       $75
d. Care and Maintenance for Markers        
  Monument Installation 48" or less       $100
  Monument Installation of more than 48"       $200
  Flat Marker for Cremation Plots       $50


In case of the death of a loved one, please call the funeral home first, before calling the parish. Arrangements for a funeral mass at St. Bernard's Parish are usually facilitated by a professional funeral director.

Below are some local funeral homes and cemeteries:


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Below are some local funeral homes and cemeteries:

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